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TED Bursa College, aims to raise students that can communicate well in both their mother tongue and in other languages in their personal and professional lives, both in Turkey and abroad. We want all our students to be successful and set examples in our community with their interactive skills.

Language is an important part of a country’s culture and identity so all individuals should excel at it academically and personally. All our teachers are aware of this and they do their best to accomplish this mission.

TED Bursa College is also aware that the native language is a very important element in learning foreign languages. Thus, both the IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Program) students and Turkish National program students have Turkish lessons accordingly. Our school follows this policy to raise students with a variety of language skills.

TED Bursa College also aims to raise international students so we teach foreign languages at all levels in our school starting from kindergarten. Students need to be excellent at their native languages to learn a foreign language; they need to have a strong grammar background. Therefore, we give great importance to teaching both native and foreign languages.

The native language policy of TED Bursa College aims that our students will - be fluent in their native language. - be aware that language is a part of culture and there can be influences of geography and cultural elements on the language. - express themselves with idioms and collocations using enrichments of language. - be able to write literary reviews and use their language skills in every way. - learn different kinds of literary works and how to evaluate them. - improve their literary skills to reach the academic standards. - work on translated literary works to learn the common senses in different languages. - learn the differences of idioms and collocations and compare them with different languages to see the differences. - learn to appreciate a variety of authors and poets from different cultures and styles.

TED Bursa College offers a bilingual program with both Turkish and English used as medium of instruction. We aim for our students to use English effectively; writing in English in national and international platforms, expressing themselves in English with confidence.

TED Bursa College English language education is based on the Common European Framework, and it is being implemented in all TED schools. TED is held in line with the original English curriculum which is approved by the Ministry of Education, and it predicates the integrity of k-12.

In order to certify the quality of English education in our school by independent international centers, our students are encouraged to take international exams such as Starters, Movers, Flyers, KET, PET, FCE, TOEFL IBT and TOEFL Junior.

The English program in TED Bursa College Pre-school starts at the age of 4. The book called ‘Teddy’s Ready’, which is published by the Turkish Education Association, and additionally an English education system “Smart Cookies” are carried out in our bilingual education-based program. In our school, Kindergarten 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade classes English is taught by native teachers.

With effective from the 5th grade, German or French are introduced to the students as an elective course. They have 4 hours of German or 4 hours of French lessons as a second foreign language. They will also be taking FIT /TELC exams in German, and DELF exam in French.

The second foreign language policy of TED Bursa College aims that our students will

  • relate what they learn according to the subject
  • adopt what they learn to daily life events.
  • read, write, listen and speak German or French
  • express himself/herself , interact and colaborate with each other respectively.

In our 5th grade classes, an intensive English program is implemented. The 5th grade English Program includes 16 hours of English lessons as well as 2 hours of Science and Math courses in English in order to teach terminology. Since English is used as a medium of instruction in Science and Math’s lessons in high school, through the 5th grade English program we aim for our students to prepare for high school education.

Our high school education period is 1+4 years. Before 9th grade, preparatory classes are offered with 22 hours of intensive English classes per week.

To promote language education, computer aided education programs at all levels is used in our school.

English language education in our elementary, middle, and high school level are monitored with exams given by TED Headquarters.

TED Bursa College believes that offering a good language education is the way to raise individuals with improved social, cultural and communication skills.

English language policy of TED Bursa College aims that our students will;

  • be motivated to read, discuss and make comments on a text written in English
  • communicate in and outside the country in English on a daily basis.
  • use English at an academic level; they will be able to think critically
  • give importance in using correct and effective language
  • be are aware of the fact that language learning is necessary and; therefore, they will constantly try to enrich their vocabulary knowledge both in Turkish and in English
  • be able to recognize their own nations and the nations of the World through oral and written universal and national products
  • be able to use information and communication technology to improve language skills.

In TED Bursa College, it is believed that language teaching and the responsive approach to the mother tongue is not only the responsibility of language teachers, but also for teachers in all disciplines and levels. In addition, all staff should use the language as our main communication tool, and in a broader sense all the languages that are taught in school effectively.

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