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TED Bursa College, in line with the Republic of Turkey and Atatürk's principles, has a modern, secular, democratic, participatory, creative and scientific approach to education. With this approach we aim to educate individuals to be ready for higher education institutions as well as business, professional and community life.

In this regard, the application of scientific methods is implemented in all stages of education and training. We are using a system which covers the national culture and values of modern civilization.

In this system, in order to provide a healthy and secure educational environment to our special needs students, our Special Education Policy has been formulated in accordance with the procedures and regulations set forth by the Ministry of Education and IBO.

We have the education policy to create respect for individual differences and to allow each student to discover and develop personal interests and abilities. Eliminating barriers which prevent students with special needs from accessing equal opportunities and protecting their right to reach equal opportunities were considered while forming our policy.

The aim of this policy is to support students with special needs during their education and to standardize the procedures to be applied.


    Procedures set out herein are being implemented to all students with special needs.
  • A committee formed to implement an Individualized Education Program (IEP) includes the vice principal, IB Coordinator, psychological counselors, teachers and parents. As a result of academic and behavioral observations in class, students are sent to the Counseling and Research Center with a report, which is prepared by the psychological counselor, to be examined.
  • Individual Education Plan is prepared considering the student’s needs and in accordance with the final report of the Counseling and Research Center.
  • Environmental regulation is done for the needs of the student.
  • These regulations are done everywhere in school. Including the school entrance, dining room, library, and the school infirmary to provide a safe educational environment for the students.
  • A person is assigned to help the student as needed in school and outside the school for students to reach the school bus and to get in and out of the bus.
  • In accordance with the student’s specific needs, the curriculum which is developed by the IEP in parallel with the IB program, is implemented.
  • During the planning, execution and evaluation process, Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit gives consultancy services to teachers, parents, students and the other staff.

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